Property Documentation

Proper documentation is probably the most important thing at the beginning of a project. If a property loss is documented in detail, making changes/updates to the scope of work can be seamless. One Stop Dry Out has perfected property documentation by utilizing the latest technology. The Matterport Camera and Software Technology allows us to scan of the property in complete 360 view. Which can later, at the click of a button, immerse you into the room of your choice and can even obtain measurements long after we are gone.  Using a pair of the now widely accessible VR headsets, you can look and move around the room, as if you were there. This can also be experienced just using your laptop or phone, just not as immersive. Imagine being able to go back and get the measurements of the countertops so you can order the granite or measure windows to order window blinds. We can immortalize a location and condition by using the Matterport Technology. Check out the sample link below to see it for yourself.

Another way that One Stop Dry Out utilized technology to document a property is by using a UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Also, commonly known as Drones. Drones have us to capture points of view that has until recently been reserved for birds or helicopters. We are now able to capture, in high definition, overviews of your location. This can produce some amazing photos and videos of your property.

  • Detailed Site Inspections & Estimating
  • Matterport 3D/VR Scan
  • Moisture Intrusion Inspection & Moisture Mapping
  • Aerial Drone Inspection with Photos & Video

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